Successful Cost-Effective Conciliation Services


Irish standard forms of building contract include an option for the parties to refer a dispute to conciliation. 

If a dispute arises between the parties with regard to any of the provisions of the Contract such dispute shall be referred to conciliation in accordance with the Conciliation Procedures published by the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland in agreement with the Society of Chartered Surveyors and Construction Industry Federation.

RIAI, 2012 Edition without Quantities, Sub-clause 38 (a)


The conciliation process is often favoured when parties wish to maintain a relationship yet require the help of a third party, the Conciliator, to guide structured discussions and find resolutions.

Mark Etherington, a member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors' conciliator panel, was recently appointed to resolve a dispute between an employer and a contractor.

Considering the value of the dispute, Mark settled on a fixed fee for the conciliation, ensuring cost certainty for both parties.

The parties engaged constructively in the process, and during the hearing at our offices, Mark successfully guided them to a mutual


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